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Brandon Trust statement: Winterbourne View sentencing.

Brandon Trust has followed the issues related to the Winterbourne View arrests carefully. As a charity supporting people with learning disabilities, we have made it absolutely clear that abuse and assault on people who are supported within the Social Care system in this country is totally unacceptable and should be dealt with swiftly and proportionately. The entitlement to justice is a right afforded to all citizens, especially those who are already identified as vulnerable and requiring support.

As sentences are now passed on those individuals convicted of events at Winterbourne View, Brandon Trust calls for reform in the way 'assessment and treatment' is commissioned and the approach taken to providing services. We consider that all support towards people with learning disabilities should be community based and in accommodation which, as far as possible, represents ordinary living. Access and inclusion to community life should be fundamental within all 'care plan' requirements.

As a major charity founded in Bristol, which now has services across the South of England, we consider we have a duty to speak out on these issues and we intend to continue to do so over the coming months. (Statement: 26 October, 2012)

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