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Making a Mark: The Strategy (2011-2016)

Lucy Hurst-Brown (Brandon Trust Chief Executive) with the Cornwall & Devon teams at the launch of Making A Mark

Lucy Hurst-Brown (Chief Executive) with the Cornwall & Devon teams at the launch of Making A Mark

Our Plan: 
1. To deliver innovative and affordable services for people with learning disabilities.
2. To grow significantly in order to extend the reach of our work, our influence nationally and ensure sustainability. 
3. We know Brandon’s workforce is our key asset. We will ensure that we have the right people with the right skills, able to work flexibly, in line with the needs of those we support. 
4. Continued efficient and effective management of our finances is critical to our sustainability; we will ensure people receive support at the right price in each local area.
5. Brandon Trust embraces new technology.  We will continue to extend our use of technology in our business systems and as a key component in assisting the people we support.  
6. As a charity we will maximise our fundraising potential to enable us to pay for innovative projects which sit outside the remit of our core budgets or statutory funding.
7. How we communicate both internally and externally determines how well we can make our mark.  We will therefore strengthen our dialogue with both the general public and internally within Brandon Trust.

Watch a film on the launch of Making a Mark: The Strategy


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