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Summer Camps

Places of fun, learning and confidence-building, our Summer Camps have now become so popular that they fill very quickly once bookings are open.

The Bristol Summer Camp was the first to be created three years ago and has now served as a model for several other similar projects in other Brandon Trust regions. Based at Woodhouse Park, the week-long camp provides an opportunity for young people aged between 14-19 to spend time away from their parents and family and take part in a range of adventure activities, crafts and games.

We make full use of all the facilities that the scout camp has to offer: supported by their instructors attendees will be able to try abseiling, archery, rifle shooting and the new high rope course. We will also conduct two activities away from the camp: apple pressing at a local farm and a visit to a ceramics studio where there will be the opportunity to paint your own ceramics to take home at the end of the camp. Each day will end with a camp fire, an opportunity to talk through the things we have done, make plans for the following day and enjoy the company of new friends.

Welcoming all young people who have a learning disability and/or autism and who fit within the specified age-range, our experienced and skilled staff will provide the support each person needs, planning any particular support requirements with the family before the camp. We know that not everyone will want to join in everything, and we will be flexible in order to enable each person to make the most of their time at camp.

Accommodation on camp is in dorms, so the only requirement is that people can get in/out of bed without the use of a hoist. Wheelchairs and scooters are able to get round the site (and if you get stuck in the mud there will always be someone to give you a push!).

Parents and carers are asked to contribute a voluntary donation towards summer camp, however if they are unable to, Brandon Trust will fundraise to ensure every child gets the opportunity to participate.

For more information, read the Summer Camp Information Pack.

To book your place, download a booking form.


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