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Travel Buddy Project

Picture of a Travel Buddy at a bus stopWould you like to learn how to travel safely and independently?

If the answer is yes, then a Travel Buddy could help you do just that.

The Travel Buddy project is a service offering alternative travel support for adults and young people with learning disabilities.

We aim to empower people to travel independently and safely. By being able to travel on their own, people with learning disabilities become more active and involved in the community, improving their quality of life and increasing their self-esteem and employability.

We understand that using public transport can be a real puzzle. We help join the pieces of the jigsaw.

A Travel Buddy teaches people how to travel safely, confidently and independently. They will help with road safety and awareness skills, how to plan a route, and look at ways to stay safe whilst out and about.

The team is made up of people with learning disabilities, employed as travel buddies that work across Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset. All travel buddies complete a structured training programme to work in the project. They have a vast knowledge of bus travel and the skills and experience to help other people. The buddies have a unique perception of the needs and difficulties that people with disabilities face in their lives and in their travels. They are people with a passion for travelling and a great motivation to help others.

We believe that there is no independence without choice and there is no choice without opportunities.

Having a Travel Buddy could change your life in many ways. Watch the videos to find out how.

 Daniel's Story  Jamie's Story

If you would like to find out more about how the project could support you, please contact:

  • Bristol and South Gloucestershire
    Call Helder Pedro on 07901 511 558 or email Helder.
  • North Somerset
    Call Kelly Deakin on 07920 822 120 or email Kelly.

For an application form for Travel Support, please call Joanne Macdonald on 0117 907 7200.


Picture of a road safety training sessionPhoto of a Travel Buddy demonstrating how to use a pedestrian crossing safelyPhoto of someone with learning disabilities using a bus timetable


Registered Charity Number: 801571 | VAT Registered Number: 108262925
Company Registered in England and Wales: 2365487