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Stories & Videos

Brandon is full of stories about individuals. The reason we tell these stories about real people we support is to show that they can live fulfilled, positive lives. These are people who are included in their local communities; true citizens. We are proud of them. More importantly, citizenship is what rightfully belongs to all adults with learning disabilities, and is now finally coming to pass in the 21st century. In a way it is Brandon Trust’s story too, it is a privilege to be part of enabling people to live the lives they choose.


Mark's Adventures in The Big Society: Brandon Trust Annual Report 2011 Mark's Adventures in The Big Society  
100 People, 100 Voices 100 People, 100 Voices! 100 People: 100 Voices. Brandon Trust conference by and for people with learning disabilities Read the 100 Voices Story
Brandon Trust: An interview with their Chief Executive in support of learning disabilities week An Interview: Bullying and other Issues The Connie Fisher Story Read the Connie Fisher Story
Lucy Hurst-Brown (Brandon Trust Chief Executive) with the Cornwall & Devon teams at the launch of Making A Mark Making a Mark Strategy Launch Jo Brand Story Read the Jo Brand Story
South Gloucestershire Community Team South Gloucestershire Community Team The Football Story Read the Football Story
Making a Mark Fashion Show The Making a Mark Fashion Show The Reggae Story Read the Reggae Story
Brandon Trust Awards 2010 Brandon Trust Awards 2010 The Salad Story Read The Salad Story
Brandon Trust Summer Camp 2010 Summer Camp 2010 The Theatre Story Read The Theatre Story  
Making a Mark for Learning Disabilities Making a Mark for Learning Disabilities The Charity Story Read The Charity Story
Hi-Tech Family Hi-Tech Family The Drum Marathon Story Read The Drum Marathon Story
the Get-In-There Project The Get-In-There Project  
Charlotte's Story Charlotte's Story  
My Unique Life My Unique Life  
Inside Out in Eden Inside Out in Eden  
Inside Out Stories Inside Out Stories  
Inside Out Workshops Inside Out Workshops  
Inside Out Brandon Inside Out Brandon  


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