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Our purpose and values

Our purpose

We exist to enable children, young people and adults with a learning disability, autism or both to live life in the way they choose.

We do that by providing high-quality, person-centred support that focuses on enabling each individual to achieve their dreams and truly live free.

Our values

Whole Hearted Value

Whole-hearted people

  • Take a person-centred approach
  • Help people to make choices
  • Bring out the best in people
  • Respect people‚Äôs differences
  • Friendly, kind, and compassionate

Solution Seeking Value

Solution Seeking People

  • Ask questions
  • Take a coaching approach
  • Show resilience
  • Plan effectively
  • Set high standards

Adventurous Value

Adventurous people

  • Take considered risks
  • Make things happen
  • Try new things
  • Push for change
  • Have a 'can-do' attitude

Connecting Value

Connecting people

  • Bring people together
  • Make links to improve things
  • Work with all types of people
  • Spot opportunities for growth
  • Team player

Creative Value

Creative people

  • Flexible and creative
  • Use imaginative ideas to solve problems
  • Bring new perspectives
  • Like to think outside the box

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