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Assistive technology

Brandon Trust embraces the use of technology to enhance the lives of the people we support and the services that we provide.

Assistive Technology refers to any kind of gadget, gizmo or device that can help people to be more independent in all aspects of their lives. This could include a range of equipment from touchscreen tablets to remote controls, medication reminders to computers or communication aids. It also includes telecare.

We're committed to supporting people to define the lives they want to live and providing the tools and strategies to achieve this. Technology is increasingly an integral part of our creative and empowering support solutions.

Here's an example of someone we support who has greatly benefited from the use of Assistive Technology.

Barbara had lived in a learning disability hospital for years when she was supported to move into a flat of her own.

Independent living had always been an aspiration for Barbara; this motivation combined with staff creativity has enabled Barbara to take significant steps on her journey towards independence.

Finally living in a home of her own, organising her life using visual calendars and day planners, recruiting her own staff team, managing her own finances and independently accessing her community, Barbara wanted to find a way to be independent with her medication. Staff devised a simple system with a timed light which enables Barbara to distinguish between night and day. She now knows when the light is on that it is morning time and time to take her medication.

Filled with this new-found confidence, Barbara quickly learnt the skills so that she could be fully independent of staff support in the morning. This simple solution has lead to a significant reduction in Barbara’s support hours and a huge increase in her independence and self-determination.

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