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Autism accreditation

Six of our services are accredited through the National Autistic Society’s Autism Accreditation Scheme.

In putting forward a range of services for accreditation, we wanted to demonstrate our commitment to providing quality and informed support to people across the autistic spectrum.

Autism Accreditation Bristol Autism Accreditation Cornwall Team
Fired Up Ceramics The Cornwall Team
Autism Accreditation Gloucestershire Autism Accreditation North Somerset
The Cottage Team The Sumachs Team
Autism Accreditation North Somerset1
Gilbert Scott

Undertaking the accreditation has meant great outcomes for some of the people we support. One individual with very complex support needs has recently moved into her own tenancy with a private landlord after clear development of her support was identified and achieved by her support workers. Others in Cornwall have taken a lead, developing sensory assessments and support initiatives.

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