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Driving Up Quality

Driving Up Quality LogoQuality involves a journey of continuous improvement and is defined by those who use our services; there is no single, final destination.

Brandon Trust is proud to be signed up to the standards laid out in the Driving Up Quality Code, and to share its commitment to lifelong improvement.

Whilst we're absolutely committed to providing high quality support, we can only be certain of getting this right by listening to our stakeholders and not being afraid to change and improve the things that aren't good enough.

Driving Up Quality represents a powerful initiative owned and developed by people with learning disabilities, their families, housing and support providers, regulators and commissioners. Since signing up to the Code in December 2013, our Driving Up Quality events have gone from strength to strength.

This year, for the first time, we held a self assessment event for our 'background' support services. We asked them to consider what they do that contributes to good support for our customers and what could they do better. By working together, we are creating a shared set of expectations of what quality means in the 21st century and evaluating our performance against it.

Our Driving Up Quality Self Assessment Report (pdf) is our third report and action plan which will play a key role in developing and evaluating quality at Brandon.

Brandon Trust profile on the Driving Up Quality website.

Driving Up Quality

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