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Brandon's Values

These values show what's important about the way we work at Brandon Trust. They've been developed in consultation with staff and people we support.

The values we seek in our people

Whole HeartedWhole-hearted people

  • Take a person-centred approach
  • Help people to make choices
  • Bring out the best in people
  • Respect people’s differences
  • Friendly, kind, and compassionate

Solution SeekingSolution-seeking people

  • Ask questions
  • Take a coaching approach
  • Show resilience
  • Plan effectively
  • Set high standards

AdventurousAdventurous people

  • Take considered risks
  • Make things happen
  • Try new things
  • Push for change
  • Have a 'can-do' attitude

ConnectingConnecting people

  • Bring people together
  • Make links to improve things
  • Work with all types of people
  • Spot opportunities for growth
  • Team player

CreativeCreative people

  • Flexible and creative
  • Use imaginative ideas to solve problems
  • Bring new perspectives
  • Like to think outside the box

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