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Our vision

Vision statement

We see a future where people with learning disabilities will exercise full citizenship with all its rights and responsibilities within UK society, where every person will be empowered and supported as necessary to safely live their life to its full potential within their communities.

They will routinely exercise choice and control to the extent that they are able to, in all matters that impact them without fear or barriers, and know what it is to love and to be loved. People with learning disabilities are able to live the life they aspire to have and enjoy the same freedoms and dreams as everyone else.

The following beliefs underpin all Brandon Trust Policies, Procedures, Quality Standards and Job Descriptions. Focussing on excellent support, they enable people to live the life they choose and make choices about their lives that they value.

Dignity and respect

We believe that people have a right to be treated with dignity and respect and are committed to enabling people to feel self-worth and self-respect by what we say and how we support them. Enabling people to do things for themselves, have ordinary life experiences, and develop new skills is a critical aspect of this.

Independence and control

We aim to enable people to develop and maintain as much independence and control over their lives as possible and to make a positive contribution to the community they live in. People have the right to make their own informed choices wherever possible, by their own means. Where this is not possible they have a right to well-informed, best interest decision-making.

Respect individuality

We view each individual as someone who has value, and is entitled to a sense of identity, their own particular likes, dislikes, and personality. People are treated with courtesy and regard; their privacy is respected. They have time and space where others cannot intrude and are able to keep personal possessions and information safe.

Equal opportunities and inclusion

We're committed to working alongside the person, and others, to maximise the effectiveness of support, ensure consistency, and meet individual needs and wishes. We believe in equal opportunities and the right to be included. People with learning disabilities are able to participate in all aspects of the community, to work, meet people, have a social network, and should be able to access facilities and have their differing needs met. People are entitled to live their lives as they choose; to vote, marry, receive education, to express their opinions.

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