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Teenage workshops

CookeryOur teenage workshops aim to provide interesting and engaging age-appropriate activities for teenagers aged 13-18 years of age.

Activities are fully adaptable to ensure everyone is able to participate regardless of ability. The young people are appropriately supervised and the groups are led by a specialist brought in for the chosen activity.

Activities can include cooking, graffiti, forest skills, and play-in-a-day drama workshops.

They're held at various locations within South Gloucestershire and are funded solely by generous donations.

Feedback from parents

"The workshops enabled him to mix with other children without being judged. Also helped him immensely with his confidence."

"A day away from Mum with friends doing things she enjoys. It makes her feel grown up."

Further information

If you'd like further information on any of our Playlink services, please contact us on:

telephone icon 07464 670 703

email icon Playlink@brandontrust.org