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How to feed back

Why we want to hear from you

talking and listeningWe need you to tell us how you feel about Brandon. We like to know when we're getting things right, and we also need to know when there are problems. If we have made mistakes or could have done something better, tell us!

You may have comments, suggestions, compliments, or complaints about:

  • The kinds of services we offer
  • The way you get support
  • How helpful our services are
  • How we fundraise

We will:

  • Listen to what you have to say
  • Take action where we can
  • Act as a signpost to others who can help, if we can't
  • Respond promptly

What you can do

If you or somebody you know receives support from us, talk to the member of staff you normally have contact with; compliments and suggestions are always welcome. We want to hear from you especially if you're concerned or think there is a problem. We want to sort things out straight away whenever we can.

Sometimes you might want to talk to a more senior person: don't be afraid to ask to do this. Don't worry that you may be 'making a fuss'; if something's upsetting you we want to try to sort it out.

If you don't directly receive support or you are finding it difficult to talk to someone

filling in a formYou might find it difficult to approach staff directly, you may wish to talk to someone else, or you are not sure who to contact.

If you want to tell us about something really good, please email feedback@brandontrust.org.

If you have a concern or complaint, please complete this feedback form (pdf, 1.7MB) and send it to feedback@brandontrust.org.

We'll make sure the right person receives it.

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