What is autism?

Autism is defined in law as a disability. It’s often described as a hidden disability. Autism affects everyone differently and we recognise that every person we support requires us to understand what it means to them.

However there are clear and common aspects that can be applied to understanding what autism means for most people on the spectrum.

Most people Brandon Trust know with autism have difficulties with communication, social behaviours and cues that those who are not autistic would use every day to express what feelings or intentions are behind their words.

Autism means that sensory experiences, illustration through language and interaction can be very different for people who are autistic. The world can be a very confusing and sometimes frightening place.

For some people on the autistic spectrum, autism can mean clear, identifiable opportunities or areas where support is needed to stay safe and succeed. For others it can mean isolation, a lifetime of not fitting in or even, the legal system or victimisation.

We have been concentrating our efforts in making sure our support teams and leadership understand autism, and that this understanding is reflected in everything we do to support people with autism.

We have created an autism Special Interest Group (SIG) that focusses on informing and updating the organisation in regard to its approach and practice.

Our autism accredited services lead the way in ensuring we don’t just think we are providing great support but our support is checked by others who lead the way.

We provide learning and development to all our support teams, to ensure they know what autism is and how to support it. We support children and adults who all face their own challenges.

Brandon Trust knows autism isn’t just about straight lines and boxes. We know it’s about walking with individuals into their everyday world and learning together how to keep walking safely and with confidence, with insight and opportunity.

More information

The Counselling Directory website has a lot of detailed information on autism.

Asperger’s, or Asperger syndrome, is an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. More useful information can be found on the Counselling Directory website.

Rehab Recovery offers free advice and guidance for autistic people who suffer with an addiction to drugs or alcohol.