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Children and young people

Brandon Trust supports children and young people aged 5-25 years old, who have a learning disability or autism. Some people may have additional physical, behavioural, and mental health needs too. The support we offer extends to people's families, and our aim is to support children to live at home with the people that love them most.

Above all, we encourage children to be children first, and to share all the experiences that their siblings and non-disabled peers would have as part of their own childhood.

We provide regular weekly support, behavioural support, short breaks, activity sessions, and activity holidays. Our services are designed as an alternative to traditional models of support which often ask families to fit into services that don’t fit their lives. We're not a buildings-based service, so the support we provide is delivered in the family home or in ordinary community facilities, including holiday accommodation for children and young people who want short breaks.

We work with families to design support and recruit the right staff to deliver flexible support, from a few hours a week to 24/7 support, based on the person's assessed needs.

We can also deliver joint training for family members, and signpost them to other support networks, independent advocacy, finance, and benefits advice.

Support from Brandon needn't just stop when children reach adulthood. We aim to support young people's independence at this key point in their lives, and make sure that they and their families are afforded as many choices as possible when planning their future support. Many young people choose to continue their support with Brandon, either in their family home, or in single or shared accommodation.

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