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Wiltshire stories

Hayley in her kitchenHayley, 30, is registered blind and has a mild learning disability. With help from Brandon Trust, she moved out of the family home and became a tenant in her own bungalow. Hayley receives support and also shares support with three other tenants who live in the property on a new housing estate on the outskirts of Salisbury.

Hayley is very much part of her local community and leads an active life using the bus services to go into town for shopping, banking and leisure activities. We have helped Hayley to develop daily living skills, increasing her independence but also providing support when it is required. As well as working and gaining City & Guilds qualifications at a nearby garden centre run by the Shaw Trust, she attends a social club three nights a week and does regular swimming, martial arts and Zumba classes, plus uses the local gym to keep fit.

Hayley said: "The bungalow is great. I am happy and getting on well. I take it in turns to do cooking with fellow housemates and I have gained a lot of skills. I do feel part of the neighbourhood and community." She added: "I have more freedom, feel more confident using the bus and I get to make my own choices. I now don’t get told what to wear!"

Ross and Jack outside their homeIn Devizes, Ross and Jack have grown their independence and increased their community links since moving into a shared house with a third tenant. With support from their families, Brandon Trust staff and each other, they have very much become part of their local community and increased their living skills and confidence. The pair have their own bikes and enjoy cycling to town for shopping, leisure activities including swimming and also volunteer at the local food bank.

Ross said: "I enjoy this house and we do a lot together." Jack added: "We take our share of the cooking and cleaning and have been busy in the garden."

Jonathan, Chris and Robert at homeOn the edge of Trowbridge, a group of tenants with varying learning disabilities, Jonathan, Chris and Robert, successfully moved in to a shared house in the summer of 2012 and each receive personalised support from Brandon Trust. Schedules are busy with regular social club visits, work placements in the local community and planned sporting activities. All of which helps them to live their lives as independently as possible, while developing important life skills.

Chris said: "We share the household jobs, cook all together and like to keep busy."

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