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Apprenticeships at Brandon

We offer our staff the opportunity to gain a qualification in health and social care (or another specialism), through completing an apprenticeship. We call these qualifications, 'apprenticeship-funded' programmes. Our training programme means you can put your new knowledge and skills into practice daily as you work.

Lifetime Training LogoWe've partnered with Lifetime Training (an external apprenticeship training provider) who, along with your manager and learning and development team, will support you to progress through your training.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits to apprenticeship-funded programmes:

  • Tailored, role-relevant training and qualifications
  • Online workshops to enhance the learning experience
  • Work-based and distance learning
  • Improve skills and knowledge in your role
  • Enhance your career opportunities and find a career pathway to suit you
  • Support to advance through the Brandon pay scales on completion of qualifications
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Take on new challenges
What qualifications can I get?

There's a wide range of apprenticeship-funded qualifications including health and social care, management, hospitality, finance, and business administration.

The qualifications most commonly taken up through the apprenticeship route at Brandon are the 'Adult Care Worker Apprenticeship' which includes the Diploma in Health and Social Care Level 2, and the 'Lead Adult Care Worker Apprenticeship', which includes the Diploma in Health and Social Care Level 3.

What can I expect from the training?

Once you've discussed your learning needs with your manager and the learning and development team, you'll be allocated a Lifetime trainer who'll support you with your training requirements. You'll also be supported by your Brandon colleagues. To gain your apprenticeship-funded qualification you'll need to complete:

  • the qualification relevant for your course
  • your maths and English functional skills
  • the Care Certificate - for health and social care qualifications only

If you're new to social care, we'll support you to complete the Care Certificate during your first six months with us. Lifetime's learner support team will help if you need additional support with your maths and English.

You'll also need to pass an 'end-point assessment' which includes a multiple choice test and a discussion about the work you've done. You'll be given lots of support to ensure you're ready for this final stage.

Working in your own time is an important part of the qualification programme and it's recommended you complete anything up to three hours self-study per week, depending on the qualification chosen. Self-study can range from written activities to online coaching tutorials.

Myth busting

You may have some preconceptions about apprenticeships. It's important to tell you that:

  • There is no age limit on who can apply
  • Both existing, and new staff who have passed probation can apply
  • If you have a higher-level qualification you can still apply if you're gaining new skills
  • Applying won't affect your salary, but will help you to progress through the pay scales
Who can apply?

If you aren't a permanent member of staff you'll first need to apply for a permanent job at Brandon, and then successfully pass your six-month probation. Visit our careers page to search for jobs and apply.

For existing staff, apprenticeship-funded qualifications are available to everyone as long as you work a minimum of 16 hours per week. You will also need to have lived in the UK or the European Economic Area (EEA) for at least three years, or as a non-EEA citizen you must have permission to live in the UK for at least three years.

Where can I get more information?

If you're interested in finding out more, please contact our recruitment team.

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