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Caern's story

Six questions with… Caern, a Brandon Trust support worker in Weston-super-Mare…

Caern, a support worker at Brandon in Weston-super-Mare, describes her role and her background…

What job do you do at Brandon Trust?
I'm a support worker and I work in Weston supporting three gentlemen who live in their own home.

Support worker Caern, helps someone she supports with a puzzleWhat's a typical day for you?
I enable the people I support to live the lives they want and need, helping them learn new skills. I also support them into the local community. I support one person to attend a day centre five days a week. The people I support have a strong connection with their community; they love attending the coffee morning at their local church. I also support with personal care, budgeting finances, medication, and mentoring.

What do you love about your job?
The fact that I have made a good impact on someone's life. Also, the people I support don't have a lot of family so some days I am the only one they get to see or talk to.

What did you do before joining Brandon?
I worked for a company helping people with learning disabilities speak up.

What would you say to someone who’s considering becoming a support worker?
It takes a lot of hard work, compassion, and patience but can be extremely rewarding.

And lastly… What four words would you use to describe your job?
Rewarding, challenging, enabling, and supportive.

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