Brandon Awards take place in Gloucester
Tuesday 21 March 2017

Brandon AwardOn 13 February, the North area Members' Board held their 'Brandon Awards' in Gloucester. The glitzy ceremony celebrated the achievements of people who get support from Brandon.

The Members' Boards are groups of people who get support from Brandon. They meet regularly to plan events, discuss important topics, and most significantly represent the views and concerns of people to Brandon's management, and hold them to account.

Awards were given out for Personal Achievement, Independence, Community Participation, Embracing Challenge, and more. They were not just awarded in recognition of the achievements themselves, but to commend the remarkable personal development that they represented.

Once the ceremony had ended, everyone got down to partying together, with a photo booth providing laughs, a DJ providing the dancefloor, and there were even some bonus vocal performances!

Abby Rees, Acting Area Manager, said:

"The event this year I believe was bigger and better than last year. People from around the region travelled to the event from Oxford, Salisbury, Andover, and Pewsey.

The Members' Board decided on the categories for the awards this year and they also chose the winners from the nominations which were put forward.

It was a great opportunity to meet new people, have a drink, have a dance, have some food, and have your photo taken in the Brandon photo booth!"