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Have your say on our autism services

Nicolette And CallumBrandon Trust supports people who are on the autistic spectrum. As a support provider we've been concentrating on developing our knowledge of autism and the quality of support we provide. As part of that, we have a Special Interest Group. Currently the group is working on an organisational strategy that will make sure Brandon Trust is getting support right for people who are autistic, and for our support teams that work with them. Importantly, we want to make sure our strategy also has a positive effect on communities, services, and relationships, that we all live in, use and have.

From 23-27 November, 2015, we're running a consultation week to obtain as much information as possible to include in our strategy, due to be in place from April, 2016. It would be great if you can help us! If you'd like to support us, all you have to do is complete a short survey using the link below.


Brandon Trust is passionate about supporting people to have opportunities in their lives, connect with their local areas, be safe and well, and meet people. When we're ready to launch our strategy, we'll be holding events to make sure everyone knows about it and to help us take it forward.

Thanks for you help; it's really important to us and we appreciate it.

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