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Inspirational runners take on the Bristol 10k

Archie DonovanWhen Archie Donovan and Steve Tyler step up to the start line of the Bristol 10k this weekend, they'll not only be on their way to an amazing personal achievement, they'll also be giving other young people with learning disabilities the opportunity to achieve dreams of their own.

The inspirational pair are running to raise money for our annual summer camp. The camp will give a group of teenagers with learning disabilities an invaluable opportunity to spend a week experiencing new activities and adventures.

Both Archie and Steve are supported in Portishead by Brandon and will be joined for the run on 7 May by two members of their support team, James Saunby and Vicky McLaughlin.

Vicky said: "Archie heard Brandon needed funds for the yearly summer camp and wanted to do something to help, so he enlisted the help of his friend Steve and support workers to raise money by running the Bristol 10k."

Archie, 23, who has Downs Syndrome, works as a kitchen assistant at The University of the West of England and volunteers at a charity shop. He's been enjoying training and exercising for the run.

Steve, 32, has personal reasons for taking part. He said: "This is my first ever long run. I've had many troubled times in my life, always moving around. Six months ago, I moved into my own place for the first time, and slowly I'm turning my life around.

"I've managed to make such great changes in my life because of the support I've had from many people including my family, but especially with the support of Brandon Trust. I feel more confident in myself, and I'm happier now. This run just isn't about doing the run, to me it's is about seeing a major challenge and after many years, being able to reach the finishing line."

If you'd like to give Archie and Steve that extra bit of motivation to reach the finish line, why not leave a donation and message of support on their JustGiving page.

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