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100 Voices 2015: Making an accessible invitation

100 Voices LogoI recently helped make an amazing video invitation for this year’s 100 Voices event for people supported by Brandon Trust.

The video is an accessible invitation, created to help people who have difficulty with reading. The video is important because some people have problems with reading and understanding certain words. We hope that the video will help inform people about 100 Voices, what it’s about and to let them know how to get involved.

It was made with the help of the London Leader Board and Central Area (Bristol) Forum; groups made up of people supported by Brandon. The members of the groups did really well. Everyone worked in their own unique way and worked together. It was great making the video; I got to work with people who have similar disabilities to me. It was a good experience to meet new people; I’ll never forget it!

I enjoyed making the video. I liked it because it was fun and engaging. It was more fun than just being around a long table at a meeting.

I think the finished piece really tells you everything you need to know about 100 Voices and the music really fits too.

James Kelley

Involvement Assistant

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