Together we can beat the bullies
Friday 5 December 2014

Bullying Role PlayIt was recently Anti-bullying week and as part of promoting this and raising awareness, Dan, Beth and I took part in a police conference in Taunton, Somerset.

Together we depicted different types of bullying and how they can affect people with learning disabilities.

We acted out various scenes demonstrating what it can be like for someone with a learning disability to experience these crimes, both directly and after the crime itself, when talking to the police.

One moment that the audience found quite funny was when the police officer, played by me, baffled Beth with jargon when she was reporting being harassed by a stranger on Facebook. It showed the importance of using the right sort of language.

Bullying targeted at a person because of their disability is called disabilist hate crime and can include:

  • Physical attack
  • Name calling
  • Threats, intimidation and humiliation
  • Damage to property
  • Nasty letters, emails, texts, phone calls
  • Mate crime - where a person with learning disabilities is befriended for exploitation

It’s really important that disabled people and professionals know how to identify and report these kinds of bullying, all of which are crimes and against the law.

I offer free training in Bristol and have recently received some funding to deliver workshops for people with learning disabilities in South Gloucestershire.

To report a hate crime that you are either a victim of, or have witnessed, please call the free phone number 0800 171 2272, or if you want any further information you can contact me directly on 07785 622 114 or drop me an email

Sarah Howard
Bristol Hate Crime Services