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Clever people, simple technology

How many technicians does it take to change a light bulb? Well, all joking aside it takes none because a light bulb is a very simple thing to replace and almost all of us can do it without needing guidance or instruction. Most people understand if the light isn’t working it's going to be the bulb or the electricity supply. We never ask ourselves how the light gets power from the power station as we don’t a) want to know, or b) need to know in order to make it work. This mind-set with technology can be found in vast areas across our day-to-day life. Planes, trains and automobiles. Getting money from a cash machine or inserting a card to pay for stuff. We don’t understand how, we just know it does.

Team Shop in full swing

Brandon Trust shop #2 is finally open and it's fabulous (even if I do say so myself). It's a joy and a relief to finally open the doors and have the public respond so positively with their kind words and perhaps more importantly, their fantastic donations and purchases.

I freed my potential!

I signed up for coaching when I felt I’d lost my sense of direction and that I wasn’t in control of important aspects of my life. Coaching sessions gave me a safe space to say what was in my head, out loud! It made a huge difference to the way I viewed different aspects of my life, both work and personal.

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