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A taxing two days of painting and decorating

Edge Tax Volunteer PaintingA couple of weeks ago the Edge Tax (opens in a new window) team put our usual office duties on hold to try our hand at DIY.

We spent two days volunteering for our charity of the year, Brandon Trust, painting and redecorating the bedroom of a lady with learning disabilities.

Debbie lives in a supported living environment and her bedroom means so much to her. It’s her space for relaxing and listening to music. It’s very important for her to have choice and control over her surroundings and a room decorated to her own taste and style.

When the Brandon fundraising team approached us to see if we could help, we were happy to get involved. We love to help whenever we can and it was a nice change for us compared to our usual working environment.

The men in our group, Jerome and Arry, were naturals at painting and decorating but I’d never painted before which was quite obvious by the mess I made and the amount of paint I managed to cover myself in. Painting and decorating is definitely harder than I ever imagined. However, we all really enjoy volunteering and it was lovely to have the chance to meet some of the people Brandon support, as well as some of the employees who work at the house. Most importantly though, simply by giving some of our time and rolling up our sleeves, Debbie now has the bedroom she wants, and she loves it!

We’re already looking forward to the next volunteering opportunity but as well as working hard with a paint brush, we’re also working hard to raise much-needed money for Brandon Trust’s Dream Fund. Jerome is running the London Marathon and Anton is trekking the Great Wall of China. If you'd like to show them your support, please visit our JustGiving page or text EDGE94 £2 (or the amount you wish to donate) to 70070. Or maybe this little story will inspire you to give a little of your time to help someone have the life they want.

Kirsty Daniel
Edge Tax

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