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A view from the other side

Brandon Trust Locality Manager Sandra HopesLife can trundle along quite nicely can't it.

We make plans for the future, who we’re going to see, what we’re going to do, where we’re going to holiday next, and so on. Then out of the blue, all that changes. For some people those changes are permanent.

My life was trundling along quite nicely too, until, out of the blue that change came. For me, luckily, it should only be for a matter of weeks. You see, I was out walking my dog along the South West Coast Path in Cornwall last Saturday when I slipped, breaking my wrist.

As I’m now in a cast I am having to relearn many skills I simply took for granted. Learning how to do those daily tasks; getting dressed, the cooking, the cleaning, and learning to accept support when I’m struggling. Daily life at the moment is a bit of an unexpected challenge!

I always like to think that there are lessons to be learnt, things to be gained, from every challenge we face. Maybe that’s what some call 'looking on the bright side'.

For me, since gaining a frustratingly sore and casted wrist, I’ve been able to see in a new light, the enormous challenges the people I support at Brandon Trust face. I now have considerably more admiration for those people, and others with a learning disability. Admiration for their unwavering persistence to lead a full life. Admiration for their ability to trust and welcome people like me into their lives, and to lovingly share their lives, their dreams, their hopes and fears, and their past with me. Admiration for their 'get up and go'.

My experience from the other side has reaffirmed just how privileged I am to be able to share in someone’s life so intimately, so deeply.

So, looking on the bright side, I may have a broken wrist but I have gained in many other ways, and hopefully those gains are permanent!

Sandra Hopes
Locality Manager

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