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Do you know your human rights?

Brandon Trust Trainer AdrianMy name is Adrian and I work for Brandon Trust.

One of my jobs is to train new staff and I do this by teaching them all about human rights during their corporate induction. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was established in 1948 by the United Nations, and sets out 30 articles, each one a separate human right. One of these articles that I give examples of is the right to privacy. I used to live in a shared house with my own room, although I found it frustrating as other people would always walk in without knocking. Where was my right to privacy then?

I also like to make the new starters think by laying down the following challenge; when you go back to your place of work, find out how many people you or your team support that voted in the last election. I follow this with a second challenge by asking them all to contact their local MP and ask about how they are going to better engage with people in their constituency who have learning disabilities. It’s important that everyone votes and that everyone understands what’s going on; your vote is your way of having a say. I want to see more people with disabilities voting and having a say in the way the country is run.

I think people with learning disabilities should be treated fairly and be free from abuse and discrimination. As someone with a learning disability who has faced discrimination, I'm a passionate believer in this. I hope that the new starters leaving corporate induction will be better equipped to support people with learning disabilities and continue the fight for equality!

Adrian Millar
Brandon Trust Trainer, Fundraiser and Travel Buddy

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