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Everyone smiles in the same language

Simon (left) Promotes the Freedom RaffleI love seeing people smile. Don’t you? It drives what I believe in and this led me into my role at Brandon. I believe that everyone should have the same rights and the same opportunities. I’m passionate about greater integration of people in our society and believe that everyone has something to offer. Everyone has the right to be the best they can be and to live their life as they wish.

I've worked in the fundraising team at Brandon for nearly four years. My role is to help make exciting projects a reality and put smiles on people’s faces. To achieve this I focus on securing donations to our cause via appeals, direct debits, raffles and gifts in Wills.

It's great to meet people and other organisations who share the same thinking as me. Take Middleton Mobility for one. Middleton, like me, believe that people with learning disabilities and autism should be empowered to control their own lives, to face fewer limitations and have greater control and freedom.

Recently they kindly donated a cash raffle prize of £1,000 for our Freedom raffle. Thanks to their amazing support and a good dose of hard work, we raised a fantastic £5,319 from the raffle which will make a huge difference at our summer camps. The raffle has now ended and the prize given to the lucky winner, who as you can imagine, was over the moon!

I found it incredibly heartwarming to receive this support from Middletons. They were so keen to help. They grasped the essence and importance of what Brandon does and the life-changing impact it can have. They understand the need for fundraising and supporting worthwhile causes. We're a charity; we need support from the wider community, from individuals and from the business sector. Thank you Middletons! You’ve really made me smile.

Simon Purkiss
Direct Marketing Fundraiser

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