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Freedom and change begin with education

Skills for Life TutorsI love my job! Its diverse, it’s ever-changing and there's always something new begging for my attention. I get really excited about new projects and enjoy it when others share that excitement.

My latest project was to find a solution to local concerns in Somerset, relating to people with learning disabilities accessing learning that will reduce safeguarding incidents and increase community connections. Working in partnership with Somerset Skills and Learning, @Worle and Scotch Horn, I co-produced a unique 15-week taster Skills for Life course, which I’m confident will be just the ticket.

The brief was to encourage new learners and I feel I’ve achieved that with a flexible course. Tutors will be delivering workshops (short courses in their own right), which in turn, contribute to the overall course. Some learners will access the whole course and some learners will access workshops of their choice. Many tutors are involved and they're each delivering sessions that reflect their individual skills and passions.

The expectation for delivery was to be creative, and boy have people been creative! My excitement continues as people check out and talk about how they are going to deliver their sessions to break down barriers to work, to become better equipped if experiencing bullying and harassment, learning to cook, to socialise and to connect with their community, to name but a few.

One of the most exciting things is that all the tutors involved are our own Brandon Trust staff and people I have the pleasure working with on a regular basis. Many are already delivering this impressive stuff throughout our services across North Somerset.

At Brandon our philosophy is deeply rooted in freedom; in enabling those with learning disabilities to make their way in the world and to live the life they want, without fear, prejudice or barriers. Anything that aids individual empowerment and resourcefulness always gets my vote!

For more information, give me a call on 07787 573 946.

Bev Cole
Business Development Manager

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