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From farm to fork

Elm Tree Farm LambsRemember The Good Life, a BBC sitcom from the 1980’s? Well for those who don’t, it was a sitcom where two of the main characters, Barbara and Tom, had a smallholding at the back of their house; fresh veggies all year-round, eggs from their chickens, and even a goat! Sounds idyllic doesn’t it, certainly for those of us who like nothing more than to potter in our gardens and grow a little lettuce and a few tomato plants while dreaming of owning our own smallholding.

The realities are somewhat different and it’s hard work. I work at Elm Tree Farm, Brandon Trust’s very own smallholding, tucked away off the beaten track in Stapleton, Bristol. You probably don’t even know we exist, or quite where we are. I also wonder just what you understand about life on a farm, what we do each day, and the amount of work involved.

That’s one of the main reasons we're opening our gates to the general public on 7 June, as part of the nationally run Open Farm Sunday.

I believe we live in a world where many of us don’t have the faintest idea about how British food is manufactured and produced, or the work behind the scenes or what’s involved, from farm to fork. Even though we are a small-scale producer we're still an invaluable part of the local food economy. There are still too many misconceptions about our food, for instance not all food is imported, often it’s grown just down the road, so what I’m asking is for you to think local, look local and shop local.

Joining in with Open Farm Sunday is a great way to meet the community, to help educate and enlighten, and to demonstrate just what goes on at Elm Tree Farm.

It isn’t the good life, it’s the great life!

Open Farm Sunday
7 June, 11am–4pm
Elm Tree Farm, Park Road, Stapleton, Bristol BS16 1AA
0117 958 6206

Keily Elvin
Project Coordinator

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