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Gorgeous views

Ashlie Abseils Avon GorgeOn Sunday, 10 May, I abseiled the Avon Gorge. It was so much fun! When you are walking down the gorge the views are amazing. You can see the river and people watching down below.

I wanted to do it for loads of reasons but the main reasons were to have fun and help Brandon Trust raise money. My mummy works for Brandon Trust and I've learnt a lot about what the charity does for people with learning disabilities.

I did the Abseil last year as well when I was 8, and I raised £250. This year I wanted to do it again and I'm doing really well with my sponsorship money.

I enjoyed Adrian, who has a learning disability, being there because when my cousin and I were scared, he helped us and I did it. I was so proud that Adrian abseiled down the Avon Gorge too!

Ashlie Lawton, age 9
Merchants Academy Primary School

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