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Here comes the bride

SecateursSpring has officially begun - how excited am I? This means that I’m becoming busy, busy, busy as everything joins the cycle of life and thrusts forward for the sun above.

I work on the Nursery project here at Elm Tree Farm. It’s a separate mini-enterprise and this time of year always sees me becoming extremely busy. We grow a vast array of traditional British flowers, plants, and shrubs.

This week I’ve been busier than usual. I’ve been working on a very different project, a wedding of all things! The Nursery project has never before been asked to provide the flowers for a wedding; I’m excited, thrilled, and honoured.

We’ve been gathering old jars of different sizes, all to be filled with pretty little wild flower posies. I’ve grown the wild flowers from seed, as we do for all our flowers, nurtured them along the way, and this week we started to pull everything together ahead of the big day tomorrow.

It’s been a great experience and an important one, as I want to develop the Nursery into new areas. Supplying the flowers for a wedding is great for the Nursery’s portfolio!

I can’t give too much away and show you pictures of the work, but I'm hoping the young loves, soon to be married, will be happy for me to share some in a follow up blog, so watch this space...

Julie Dear
Project Leader

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