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How do you celebrate success?

Brandon Trust Staff AwardHave you ever been praised in the workplace? Perhaps you’ve been commended for your ongoing work and contribution. If so, I bet it felt good. Agreed?

How about if the opposite applies; if you never seem to get the recognition you feel you deserve, if you always seem to get criticism ahead of praise. How would that make you feel? Motivated? Valued? Important?

We believe that celebrating success breeds further success, and this in turn, becomes ingrained in our ethos, our philosophy, our culture. People begin to focus on it and so in turn, expect it.

I’m currently planning the Brandon Trust 2015 Annual Awards celebration event. The nominations have been submitted, shortlisting is under way, and the awards are ready and waiting to be engraved! Celebrating success however, should be an ongoing practice, not a one-off.

I've got a challenge for you if you’re game. Think about your role, what you do on a daily basis and write down, every day for a fortnight, one particular success or achievement. For anyone leading a team, do the same about your team. Then, in a fortnight take a look back at your list. I'm confident it will have a lasting effect, and help establish the foundations of a positive and successful culture. If you're into the extremes, take the challenge for a month!

Matt Boyle
Communications Events Manager

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