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I'm the boss and enjoying my life!

Our Members’ Board invited people to share their stories at our annual Brandon Voices London conference. Someone who spoke was Kelly Ware, who is supported by Brandon Trust in London. She was keen to share her story wider. Here is what she said:

My story by Kelly Ware

My name is Kelly. I’m 24-years-old.

Kelly WareI was born in Denmark. I have a condition called epilepsy and autism and this is because I have a rare chromosome deletion. I also have a hearing loss, speech and language difficulties, and a learning disability.

I have had speech and language therapy which has helped me a lot.

Even though I have to live with all these difficulties, I’m doing really well and enjoying my life. Although, I sometimes feel frustrated and upset because my hand shakes when I write. This is because I take medicine for my epilepsy.

Sometimes my mum gets upset because she is so proud of me. I don’t just sit and start feeling sorry for myself and she knows I accept that this is how it is with me.

I have a job at a primary school and I’m doing courses at the Mary Ward Centre. I’m getting more independent and know I’m the boss!

I’m happy Brandon Trust is supporting me. Thank you for listening to my story.

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