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Love, sex and relationships

100 Voices on RelationshipsI bet most of you reading this can answer yes to the following three questions:

  1. Have you ever been, or are you currently in love?
  2. Are you, or have you ever been, in a relationship?
  3. Have you had, or are you currently in a sexual relationship?

Most people with a learning disability wouldn’t be able to say yes to these three questions, and at Brandon we want to look at ways to make this more of a possibility.

100 Voices Believe in MeAt 100 Voices, people we support told us that we need to get better at supporting them with love, sex and relationships. In response to this, we had our first Brandon Trust relationships steering group meeting recently. We're committed to developing our attitudes and practices in line with our love, sex and relationships policy, and we hope that we'll be able to deliver what is expected from us, to the people at the very heart of Brandon, the people we support.

We had representatives from across the organisation, including support workers, locality managers, family members, and most importantly, people we support. We talked about what we need to be doing, things we should be thinking about, and what needs to be in place to make this possible. Some of the things we agreed:

100 Voices on Sex

  • Having information that is right for 'me'
  • Having the right to say yes and no
  • Being able to choose to develop relationships in a way that suits 'me' and at the right speed for 'me'
  • Being able to have things go right and wrong within relationships
  • Having the choice to discuss things with someone other than my support staff if 'I' choose

Watch this space for more updates on how we’re getting on.

Jill Corbyn and Beth Richards
Involvement Team

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