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My epic 100 Voices

100 Voices presentation about friendshipLooking back, when I first moved out from under my parents' wing, I was always asking them if it would be okay to do this and to do that. This continued for some time, until I gave birth to my inner adult. When it was suggested to attend 100 Voices conference by Rachel, a team leader at Foyer, who’s epic, awesome, fantastic, sisterly and motherly, I wasn't sure about it and came across a little apprehensive and very nervous. Once she reassured me that it would be awesome and a great laugh, I finally made my first huge decision to make that journey all the way to Bristol, without asking my parents!

At the event I took part in our area’s presentation which was all about friendship. The main question was: How do you feel about your staff? There were a few videos shown on the big screen and further questions posed. My answer to our question was: "A big extended family, like brothers and sisters". I find staff to be like a scale; they have that even sternness when needed, then on the other hand, they do have a laugh believe it or not, and care dearly. They always put us first and always have our backs.

As the only female currently living in Padstow's Foyer, I very much enjoy the female staffs company with a pyjama night in and a good girlie movie.

Finally, the day of 100 Voices crept its way into my tomorrow; early nights for all! The day arrived and I found myself at Brandon’s main office, waiting nervously (very nervously), for the coach. BOOM! Rachel arrives just after Charlie, another member of staff, who dropped me off after bringing me from home. Everybody was in single file, like soldiers making their way onto the coach.

Obviously, Rachel, Emma & I shout 'shotgun', to secure the cool area of the coach. Not long after, we started moving - making our way to 100 Voices!

Yasmin presenting at 100 VoicesWe made our epic entrance with loud voices, stomping feet, and tired eyes. After checking in we made our way to our rooms to get ready for the munchies - my interpretation of dinner!
We had a lovely dinner, all of us in one huge room together, people from all over the south of England. Afterwards we danced as DJ James blasted out his tunes.

When we woke up the following day, we made our way to the breakfast quarters and were waited on. Fed and watered, we made our way to the BIG conference.

There were other presentations, which made me feel emotional, inspired, happy and it had my full attention. We were last on stage, saving the best presentation till last I hear you say. On came the Combine Harvester song, our entrance music and BOOM, we were on stage and didn't everybody know it! I grabbed the mic, whipped those bums onto their feet, encouraging them all to dance and clap and sing along. I felt epic!

Our presentation was based on what are called 'q-view cards'. You may ask what the flying monkeys is that? Well I shall tell you. They're laminated cards that you can use an ipad or an app to scan for help with certain household tasks that are based in Padstow Foyer, where I live. For example, if I need to know how to use the washing machine, I scan the relevant q-card, which then uploads a short film onto my phone. This then shows me how to use the washer. There are a variety of q-cards in the house which help me have more confidence and control in my life.

After our bit was over I managed to escape the stage and I felt extremely relieved and very proud of myself.

I hope you enjoyed reading my 100 Voices blog as much as I have writing it.

Yasmin Chappell
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