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Smelling the flowers and feeling proud

Louise Working At The FloristsI recently spent the day at Rosina May Florists in Mangotsfield, Bristol. I wanted to do work experience in a florist because I've never worked in a flower shop before and I think flowers are pretty. I'd like to learn the names of flowers; I really like lilies, pink carnations and daffodils. Sometimes I smell flowers in my garden and I like the way they smell, especially the white and pink roses. They look lovely too.

It feels great to have spent a day there. I didn't know how to work in the flower shop but they showed me, and I did it and everyone said that I did my jobs well, so I felt really proud.

At the moment I have work experience at Grimsbury Farm Café with Brandon Trust, which helps me to learn new skills and meet different people. I really enjoy it. I would like to get a paid job in the future.

I'm going to do a trial day at Vassall's Café, St Stephen's Café and Enterprise after Christmas. If I like it at Enterprise I can apply; you get paid there! Maybe one day I can work there or get a paid job in a flower shop.

My dream job is to work in a flower shop and get paid; I would work in one voluntarily also because I like flowers so much.

I like working because I would be bored and stuck at home otherwise and I might be depressed and I don't want to be depressed. I enjoy team work and talking to people and people to talking to me. I like learning new things and having a routine. For me, work is fun.

Louise Nicholson
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