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Social care shows its true colours

Isabel Roberts At WorkComing into the social care sector at a time of austerity, I expected to meet with dejection and resentment. Instead, what I’ve seen in every corner of Brandon is resilience and determination.

I’ve joined Brandon for a year as part of the Charityworks graduate programme, which offers a way into working with charities for people driven by social change. Now almost halfway through, I’ve had the chance to meet people across the country and see the impact Brandon is having.

The charity is doing more and more work with film and video, which is something I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in. I’ve travelled all over, with my camera and microphone in hand; from London to Nailsea, from Gloucester to Padstow, hearing stories from people we support and their staff. Whilst the stories are unique, flexibility and inventiveness run through them all.

One team member joined me on her day off to support a lady to tell her story. I was inspired by the creative communication methods they’d developed together, for instance, boxes of props that represented different moods and scenarios, which were meaningful to the person supported and well-understood by the staff. More impressive though, was their willingness to share, so that others can benefit from their ideas.

What I’ve learnt from Brandon is that although this sector has been repeatedly punished, it won’t buckle because it’s galvanized by the dedication of its staff at every level.

Isabel Roberts
Marketing and Brand Assistant

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