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Travel training helps independence

Adam and Gary in Weston-super-MareThis is Adam, he’s 21, and lives in Southmead, Bristol.

He’s come a long way since he had his first travel training with our Travel Buddy project a year ago, and is pictured here in Weston-super-Mare. The Travel Buddy project is a service offering alternative travel support for adults and young people with learning disabilities.

With help from his Travel Buddy Gary, also pictured, Adam is learning a new bus route to get to the seaside from Bristol.

Having finished school, Adam decided he wanted to go to college in Filton on his own and applied for Travel Buddy training.

Adam said: "Before the travel training my dad used to drive me everywhere, dropping me off and picking me up and now I can do it by myself. Travelling by myself makes me feel happy and good. I’m able to do new things and go to new places."

Adam now travels independently all over Bristol, to go to college, visit his friends, and also access The Trinity Centre where he goes, not just to listen to music and to dance, but to also perform as a DJ, one of Adam’s passions. Another one is theatre and acting, so Adam attends The Misfits Theatre Company in Stokes Croft.

Adam said: "The Travel Buddy project has helped me be independent. It has helped me try new things. The Travel Buddy team are very helpful. I am learning a new route to Weston-super-Mare and I am planning to come here with my friends next summer and show them myself how to get here."

The Travel Buddy team would like to congratulate Adam on his achievements.

Helder Pedro
Project Leader

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