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What did I do to you?

As its anti-bullying week, I've written an open letter to the girl that beat me up on the bus.

Dear Bully

I'd like to know why you attacked me on the bus.

What you did to me is wrong; both morally wrong and illegal. You don’t have the right to attack me, in fact you don’t have the right to attack anyone!

You attacked me because I have a disability; does my disability make me an easy target? What it shows is that you are a coward and not very clever. You are a vicious person with absolutely no respect or consideration for others. You clearly took offence to me and I can only assume it’s because I have a disability.

I did nothing to deserve what happened. I was heading home and you decided to come up to me and punch me in the face. Why? You and your friends then took the mick out of me till I got off at my stop.

Joe JonesI was scared and after the initial shock finally died down, I became very angry. But I wouldn’t hit you, I know that is wrong. You were lucky as the fellow passengers all ignored me when I asked for help, and you’ll remember me asking the bus driver for help. He also ignored me and didn’t even kick you and your gang off the bus.

I reported you to the police but, like many bullies, you seem to have got away with it.

You knocked my confidence and I'm only now starting to use the bus again. I actually felt too scared to use any form of public transport after you punched me. I am a disabled man, I am not a punchbag. I have feelings like you, I have the right to be safe, just like you, I have friends and family and I’m pretty independent. Travelling by bus was key to my independence.

How would you feel if the shoe was on the other foot, if I’d come up to you and punched you straight in the face without any warning whatsoever? Would you be okay with that? I doubt it.

How dare you? You disgust me, and your friends are no better. Have you heard of karma? What goes around, comes around!


Joe Jones, Clapham, South London

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