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Who will get your vote?

Political PartiesIt’s nearly time to make your mind up and prepare to mark the ballot paper where you see fit.

One of our recent blogs, entitled ‘It’s a human right’, talked about the right to vote and shared some links to accessible information to help you register and understand your rights.

There have been debates on the TV, candidates knocking on our front doors and lots of leaflets finding their way through our letterboxes. The national press seem to have their favourites and every time I turn on the news there's something from at least one of the main parties as a leading story, but who is in pole position for you?

It can be a minefield trying to find out exactly what each party stands for and if that resonates with you. For someone with a learning disability it can be even more challenging.

After doing a little digging I was pleased to find that all the major parties have an accessible version of their manifesto.

Once you’ve managed to digest them all I’d love to know what you think of the accessible manifestos. How easy were they to understand? Are you clear on what each party stands for? Do they cover what's important to you? Did they help you decide who will get your vote?

Matt Boyle
Communications Events Manager

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