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Woody and the workshop

Woody The Collie CrossMeet Woody, he’s a collie cross and just six months old. He’s been coming to work with me for the past few months and he absolutely loves it!

He has his blanket and crate in the corner of the workshop, but usually he’s off exploring the site. He soon learnt not to pester the chickens though; it turns out the electric fence that keeps them safe from rogue foxes, works just as well for dogs! (He was fine by the way).

Everyone in the workshop loves him, and for our morning tea break, he’s always around with an eye on the custard creams. Oh, and I’m Mark, Woody’s my dog. Together we spend our days at Elm Tree Farm, working with the others in the wood workshop at Splinters.

I’ve worked with people with learning disabilities for years, and recently I heard from a friend about an opportunity at Splinters workshop in Bristol, so I applied.

I was chuffed when I’d heard I was successful in getting the job. I now get to indulge some of my passions through my work; being creative, making something new from old, ensuring my time has value and worth, working with others, music (Wednesdays are Reggae Wednesday, when we crank the stereo up that little bit more) and, of course, Woody. It’s also handy as I cycle and it’s quite close to home.

I’m learning and the guys who attend are also learning. About 20 people attend Splinters through the week, along with the Project Leaders Rachel and Vaughan. We're all quite handy; collectively we’ve a wealth of skills.

It’s a developing enterprise and we’re beginning to produce and sell more and more things through Brandon’s charity shops and the Farm shop. We’re aiming high here, we’re ambitious. I’ve even got my eye on a patch of land where I want to build a treehouse; you just never know!

Mark Warren
Support Worker

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