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Direct Payments

What are Direct Payments?

If you or someone in your care is entitled to care services, you can apply for a Direct Payment.Direct Payment

This will let you choose and buy the services you need yourself, instead of the council arranging them for you.

To access a Direct Payment or any support funded by the local authority you first need to contact your local authority and request a community care assessment. This is often referred to as a Fair Access to Care Assessment.

The assessment will identify your needs, establish whether you are eligible for funding and allocate a budget according to your needs if you are eligible.

You can ask your social worker to identify services that will meet your needs or you may decide to have the money yourself and use it to buy your own services. This second option is called a Direct Payment.

Having a Direct Payment does not affect any benefits you may receive.

If you can’t manage a Direct Payment?

In the development of Direct Payments the government was very keen to stress that they should be available to everyone who is eligible for a service, including people who have a learning disability.

If you are not able to manage your own direct payment it can be managed for you by a suitable person.

What you can spend your Direct Payment on?

Your Direct Payment must be spent on the support needs that have been identified in your community care assessment.

You can either buy a service from a provider or employ your own staff.

What Brandon Trust can provide?

All the services we provide can be paid for using a Direct Payment, except for a few very specific services where a contract with a local authority prevents this.

You may wish to join an existing service or ask us to employ someone to work directly with you on areas where you want support.

How to use your Direct Payment to get support from Brandon Trust

Once you have completed your community care assessment and your funding has been agreed please look in the Looking for support section for your area and contact your local representative.

We have produced an easy-read leaflet that can be downloaded and printed, for those who prefer to have a physical copy or to give to those who may be interested in more information.

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