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Live Free Fund

Hayley Buxton's storybook launchSmall or large, we all have dreams that, given the opportunity, we'd love to come true. Things we’d like to do to make our lives more exciting, a little bit easier, or that give us a sense of achievement.

Seeing these wishes and plans come true makes us happier, gives us more confidence, or simply makes daily life more enjoyable.

The people that we support are no different.

At Brandon, we work hard every day to enable people with learning disabilities and autism to achieve their dreams and live free.

Our Live Free Fund is an essential part of this. It’s 100% funded by our supporters and they’ve funded a wide range of dreams over the years; from a wheelchair swing in the garden of one of our nursing homes through to dream holidays, including one gentleman who took his first ever holiday age 65! Anyone who is supported by Brandon can apply for funding.

Achieving these dreams is often life-changing. The short video below shows you the difference that the Live Free Fund has made to Hayley.

These dreams can only happen with support from people like you. By making a one-off gift or monthly donation to our Live Free Fund, you’ll be helping change the lives of people like Hayley and making their dreams come true.

Thank you.

Hayley's dream