Funds raised by our generous supporters play an essential role in our vision to see the people we support live free.

You can donate to our Live Free Fund, fundraise at work or in your community or donate to one of our specific projects, such as our summer camps. The money contributed helps us to enable children, young people and adults with learning disabilities and/or autism to live life the way they choose.

Friends making pizza at home - including a person with special needs

The Live Free Fund

Portrait of mother and special needs daughter studying at home

Small or large, we all have dreams that, given the opportunity, we’d love to come true. Things we’d like to do to make our lives more exciting, a little bit easier, or that give us a sense of achievement.

Seeing these wishes and plans come true makes us happier, gives us more confidence, or simply makes daily life more enjoyable.

The people that we support are no different.


At Brandon, we work hard every day to enable people with learning disabilities and autism to achieve their dreams and live free.

Fundraise for us

Group of Brandon Trust team members fundraising

Whether you’re a company, school or a community group, you can fundraise to change the lives of people with learning disabilities.

You could host an event, do a dress down day, choose us as your charity of the year, the possibilities are endless.

Our fundraising team are on hand to support with any ideas you have with expert advice, guidance and resources. We can also help to ensure that the money you raise goes towards a cause or service that has a transformative impact on people we support.

Even if you’re only thinking about fundraising, please get in touch with us at and we can help you bring your ideas to life.