Cadbury Heath (BS30)

South Gloucestershire | Reference: 4004

This large property has 14 bedrooms. It is a mixed-gender nursing home for individuals with a learning disability. It is staffed 24/7 by a registered nurse and a team of support workers.

The property is set up in a way that connects two adjoining houses. Each house has seven bedrooms.

All bedrooms have a wash basin and people are encouraged to personalise their room. Furniture can be provided. Bedrooms have tracking hoists.

The property runs as one and everyone has access the communal areas on both sides. There are two lounges one of which includes a sensory space.

The two kitchen/dining areas tend to be the busiest areas and where most people choose to spend their time.

vacancy ref 4004 – gardenThere is also a large, wheelchair accessible garden area.

The people living here range from 55–85 years of age. Someone younger could be considered if we are able to meet their needs and they would fit in well with those currently living here.

Many of the people living here do not use verbal communication. They use personal vocalisations and may communicate via body language and/or facial expressions.

It is a quiet, calm environment where people enjoy listening to music, sensory activities, pampering sessions, playing games, gardening, and cooking.

Individuals enjoy many different activities; eating out, going to the cinema, shopping trips, visiting local attractions as well as home-based activities such as visiting singers and aromatherapists.

Key features

  • 24/7 support (with nursing)
  • Ceiling track hoist system
  • Accessible wet rooms
  • Sensory space
  • Wheelchair accessible garden
  • Local amenities

Local area

The property is close to a number of supermarkets, and a retail park which has a cinema, restaurants, pubs and shops. The area has a great community feel.

Staff team

  • 24/7 support by a registered nurse and support workers
  • We tailor activities to meet the needs of the individual and develop support plans as we get to know people better
  • We focus on promoting independence and choice, using each person’s preferred method of communication

Family and friends

We understand how important family and friends are. We support everyone to be involved in maintaining and fostering relationships.

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