Enterprise Packaging

Enterprise Packaging fills orders for transplant retrieval kits for use across the NHS. The project provides vocational training and paid employment for people with learning disabilities and autism.

The retrieval kits are built by supported employees and trainees and are distributed via the National Organ Retrieval Service to hospitals across the country.

We are based at the Vassall Centre in Fishponds, Bristol – a fully accessible space.

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Developing skills in the workplace

Group of people working at Enterprise Packaging

Through practical work and discussion, our trainees and supported employees can gain various experiences and skills:

  • Numeracy skills through counting
  • Packing experience
  • Labelling experience
  • Quality control – making sure items are labelled correctly, presented properly, and paperwork is completed
  • Computer skills through typing and reading orders
  • Training in Health and Safety, including Fire Safety, Infection Control, and Hygiene
  • Working as a team
  • Reflecting on their day and what their goals are

Purpose and impact

Two men working on a laptop at Enterprise Packaging

Our purpose is to provide training and employment opportunities and meaningful employment for adults with learning disabilities and autism, giving them the experience, skills, and confidence to find joy and meaning in employment.

Our team understands they are a key part of the process of organ retrieval in hospitals across the United Kingdom, and they feel enormous pride in their work. We have also been able to offer employment to people who never thought they would be able to work. Their confidence in their abilities really develops through their work at Enterprise packaging, and they can leave their placement knowing they have not only worked hard and earned a wage, but also helped support a vital service for other people in need of care.

A lady with down syndrome pointing to a whiteboard with 'smile' written on it

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If you have any queries about joining our service or wish to contact us with opportunities for packaging, please get in touch.

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