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#25stories - from hospital-living to purposeful volunteer

Jodie has faced many challenges, from foster care to hospitalisation. She now lives in her own bungalow, she's completed an English qualification, and has two volunteer jobs.

25 years ago, Jodie's life was quite different. She'd been in foster care for most of her childhood, before being placed in her own flat in the community as a teenager. As a result of little to no professional support, her mental health suffered, and she was placed in a hospital setting for more than three years.

It didn't take long for Jodie to turn things around. She was one of the first people Brandon supported in Cornwall. In the beginning, she had 2:1 support, 24 hours a day. She also had support overnight.

Fast forward to now; Jodie is her own person, she makes decisions for herself and chooses what she wants to do. Jodie is happy living in her own bungalow and for the last two years, she has been taking an English course with City & Guilds. She began on the basic skills course but has recently achieved level 2. She doesn't intend to stop there.

It's not just her academic achievements, that she's celebrating; Jodie is also a budding artist. Recently, she even converted her conservatory into an art studio.

But, for Jodie, the thing she’s most proud of is her volunteering work. Recently, she has started working at a charity shop in her local community. She's also been working at a local food bank for over a year.

She told us: "I feel like I have a purpose now, because I'm helping people who really need it."

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