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#25stories – it’s about having responsibility

Meet the Banwell Pottery team, who work at our busy social enterprise. Having attended the Pottery for a while, Ian, Hayley, and Phoebe are its first supported employees. Their work means they’ve gained skills across the whole production line from design to stock-taking. Here, they explain why working at Banwell is so important to them.


Having joined Brandon a few years ago, Hayley has achieved more than paid employment. She’s also published her first book from the studio at Banwell, which was so successful she’s been able to fund a second book.
“When my work is sold, it’s amazing! It’s nice to see my own work for sale. It gives me money to buy more art supplies so I can make more.”


When Ian first began being supported at the centre @Worle, he had no idea he would one day be employed by Banwell Pottery. Now he has more freedom to choose how he spends his time, and importantly, his money.
“I’ve been coming to @Worle 19 years. I’ve been working at Banwell Pottery two years. I feel happy when I sell the work in the shops. I feel happy when I get paid, it gives me money to go on train trips and buy muffins.”


Keen to be involved at all stages of the production process, Phoebe designs, takes control of stock, and manages the money. She’s also a big Harry Potter fan and recently had her Potter-inspired ceramic model featured in an art festival.
“My favourite part is the designing. I’ve been getting paid for my work for two years, it makes me feel grown up – I have responsibilities now.”

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Making dreams come true

If you want to help more people with a dream like Hayley’s come true, donate to the Dream Fund. From supporting people to publish a book, to helping them have the wedding they dreamed of, you could help people live life the way they choose.

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