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#25stories - lights, camera, action!

Recently, some of the people we support in Gloucestershire created their very own zombie movie: Annabelle of the Dead. The project was a collaborative response to under-representation of disability in film.

An article in the Huffington Post states that only 2.7% of characters in the highest earning films in 2016 were depicted with a disability; and things haven’t improved much since then. As well as including people in society and challenging perceptions, being involved in film-making has widespread benefits for individuals, including building confidence, providing skills in teamwork and communication, as well as technical and creative skills.

Judith Heumann, a Ford Foundation senior fellow and lead author of the ‘Road Map for Inclusion’ report, said: “People need to see themselves. People with disabilities, like any other group ― when you don’t see yourself, you feel invisible.”

The low-budget production was completed in one day and incorporated each member of the group’s favourite heroes from films. The group were involved in all elements of the film, from scripting and acting, to creating props and using equipment.

Chloe told us: “I had a great day and I got to make the film I wanted to. It was a big opportunity for me.”

Whilst we’re sure parallels between the potential isolation of living with a disability and a zombie existence could be drawn, this film should be appreciated as Shaun of the Dead was appreciated, for the thrilling and comic masterpiece it truly is.

Interested in making dreams like this come true?

We’d like to work with a team of film makers and roll the project out to other people we support. If you’re interested in funding projects like this, call our fundraising team on 0117 907 7200.

Could you change lives?

Whether you’ve worked on student films, or you’re a fan of action-sports, people we support are looking for support workers who can help them try new and interesting activities.

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